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Easter Egg You May Have Never Noticed While Watching 'Friends' (Photos)

“Friends” may have ended 11 years ago, but with endless reruns and the whole series being uploaded to Netflix earlier this month, one sharp-eyed fan solved a giant plot hole — how does Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe and Joey always manage to get seats on their favorite couch at "Central Perk"?

During a Netflix binge-watch, a writer spotted a small background prop on the set that solves one of the show’s biggest mysteries and it was literally right in front of our eyes all along.

It turns out that the table was reserved. Check out the image below:

(NBC via Bustle)

The “reserved” sign can be seen on the Central Perk coffee table for 10 whole seasons.

(NBC via Bustle)

Here it is again between a yellow plastic vase and a napkin holder:

(NBC via BuzzFeed)

But the The Independent points out, there are episodes where there is no reserved sign, like season 6’s “The One With Rachel’s Sister”:

These “Friends” fans are definitely in a state of total awareness, or as Ross calls it, “unagi.”

(NBC via BuzzFeed)

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