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E3: Usher Receives Lukewarm Reception in Los Angeles

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Usher may be one top of his game in the music industry, and in my opinion he is one hell of a performer, but I was surprised to see so many negative responses to his performance at Microsoft's E3 press conference in Los Angeles on Monday.  Usher was brought on stage to perform his latest hit single Scream in front of hundreds of members of the press, primarily in the video gaming industry for the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo.  He was ushered in to announce the latest in the Harmonix franchise Dance Central.

Maybe because I am a fan of the game, maybe because I like the song, maybe because I sometimes even like Usher, whatever the reason I thought it was a pretty good performance and it was a great wake-up in an otherwise lackluster press conference.  Usher is no stranger to the video game industry.  In 2010 he performed at Activision's E3 concert at the Staples Center.

The comments on Twitter were quite negative and at last check the video had three times more dislikes than likes.  One of the most common tweets?  "Thank you for the bathroom break," from other attendees like Adam Kovic and Ali Baker.  Yikes!  Not all were negative, and some were even encouraging.  SoliderX tweeted, "Why is everyone not talking about the Usher demo of Dance Central 3.. That was amazing!"  Regardless of the opinion, Usher got us talking and it's good for game sales, so they did something right.

There is still more to come as we take to the expo floor for some hands on demonstrations and interviews!  Stay tuned...

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Chastity “NuyoRiqueña” Irizarry is the Executive Editor of Nfamous Gamers and Video Games and Technology Editor for Opposing Views.  You can follow her on Twitter and read more at NuyoRiqueña.


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