E3: New Hori Fight Sticks Coming Soon


For all you fighting game fans out there, Hori has got a couple of good reasons for you to get hype!  I had the pleasure of speaking with Kaz Ohira at Hori and he allowed me to demo a couple of great products that they’ve got coming to the market very soon.

The first thing I laid hands on was the Fighting EDGE.  This is Hori’s new flagship joystick for the XBOX 360 and the Playstation 3.  The joystick itself is fairly large and has ample room for anyone.  The spacing between the joystick and the buttons is larger than the Real Arcade Pro series or Mad Catz series of Fightsticks.  The spacing seemed to be that of Hori’s EX2 line.  This is a welcome change, the distance feels just right.  Hori proprietary parts were used in the construction and seem to be of the highest quality.  I’m a big proponent of Sanwa Denshi, but the joystick and buttons that Hori has placed on this joystick appear to be top notch.  The Fighting EDGE will be for sale on June 26th and will retail for $199.99.

The second joystick that I got to test out was the Fighting Stick Mini EX.  This is aimed at people just getting into fighting games or someone that wants to take their fighting on the go.  All Hori parts on this one as well, for what it is, it’s actually a pretty cool little stick.  I was pulling off spinning pile drivers without a hitch on Street Fighter IV.  Now, it is cramped, so I wouldn’t recommend it for tournament play, but I could definitely see myself taking this on the go just in case a fight broke out with some friends.  No official word on the release for this one, but I would assume that it will be around the same time as the Fighting EDGE.

Stay tuned for a full hands on review when we really break it all down for you.  We’ll have in depth analysis of the parts used and all other features.


Zach Starr is a video games contributor for Nfamous Gamers. You can follow him on Twitter!


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