E3 2011: Celebrity Fun Has Begun

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Namco Bandai, you have my attention!

When it comes to E3 [Electronic Entertainment Expo] we expect video gaming companies to go big, each one trying to be louder than the other as they vie for media attention.  We are officially in E3 2011 countdown with only two weeks remaining until the doors open.  Many announcements have been released telling us to stay tuned for big news but, what is the incentive?  For Namco Bandai Games, it is the stunning Adrianne Curry.

With a name like FilthieRich, aka Rich Bantegui, there needed to be a suitable co-host for the company’s announcements and coverage for E3 week.  Anyone familiar with Adrianne Curry’s antics knows this is a perfect fit.

They have released the first of what appears to be a series of expected videos leading up to E3.  I cannot wait to see what they cook up next.


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