"Dancing With the Stars" Crew: David Hasselhoff is Crazy


Although Michael Bolton was kicked off "Dancing With The Stars" this week, at least his fellow co-stars, dancers and crew will actually miss him.

Not so much for The Hoff, who was the first to leave the show. US Weekly talked to someone who said, "He was a mess.

His people would call staffers 20 times a day, changing rehearsal times, canceling shoots and even suggesting things like camera angles and poses. It's like, we've done 11 seasons! We know what we're doing! He talks more than anyone I have ever met. And I have yet to have one conversation with him that makes sense.

For someone in LA to say The Hoff talks more than anyone they have ever met says a lot about what kind of condition he must be in.

People in LA love to talk, primarily about themselves, and talk a lot. I think the problem is that he constantly refers to himself in the third person, and that he is often drunk, has many brain cells killed by his drinking, and just says whatever pops out in his head at the time, even if it is unrelated to what the previous sentence was about.


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