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"DWTS" Judge Carrie Ann Inaba Made Out With Madonna

Carrie Ann Inaba and Madonna?? Two names you wouldn’t normally link together. But it is true!! Carrie Ann and Madonna kissed.

Inaba, one of the judges on Dancing With the Stars, revealed to Access Hollywood Live that she worked as a backup dancer on Madonna’s 1993 Girlie Show World Tour.

Carrie Ann said that she got to know the pop star in a very intimate way during the tour.

“She’s amazing. She works so hard and she pushes your buttons. And, you know, we made out on the stage,” Carrie Ann said. “Well, there was like an orgy thing on stage and we were doing this and that and it felt so good and one night my boyfriend was in the audience and her friend at the time was in the audience… I’m not saying whether it was a boy or girl, and they were in the audience. And she was, I think, trying to tempt them and trying to make them jealous, so she turned around and I just saw this tongue coming at me and we had this full on make out session on stage.”

Carrie Ann told Madonna that it wasn’t cool, and Madonna said it was just acting. Although there was one more kiss – during a game of truth or dare.


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