Drunk Woman Charged With Using Breast Milk as Weapon


Sometimes I really love people. There is such a wide variety of people all over the world and I could read these stories all day.

On Saturday morning around 1am, police in Waterville, Ohio were called to a domestic violence situation. A husband called police because his wife had struck him several times. Both were drunk. When police went to the car where the wife was locked in, she started dropping f bombs and calling them other names.

It is at that point, things began to get crazy. The woman told officers she was a breastfeeding mother, removed her right breast from her bra and began spraying breast milk all over the police and the car. She faces charges of domestic violence, assault, obstructing official business, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

When she appeared in court yesterday, she pleaded not guilty and also told the court she is a second and third grade teacher. Oh, and also a breast feeding mother, and took out her breast and began spraying the judge and the courtroom. Oh, well that last part I made up, but it would have been classic and a great SNL skit.

Thanks Jennifer.


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