Video: Drunk Amy Winehouse Flubs Belgrade Concert


Amy Winehouse is working hard to alienate her shrinking fan base. The recently ‘rehabilitated’ singer appeared so stoned and drunk that she was unable to perform at an acceptable level at her concert in Belgrade.   Earlier this month she checked out of rehab and was given the go ahead to embark on her European tour BIG MISTAKE!

It would seem that Amy Winehouse has spectacularly fallen off the wagon as her Serbian fans found out to their shock and horror last night.  The singer was booed as she took to the stage in Belgrade an hour late on the first leg of her 12-date tour, and looked intoxicated as she stumbled around the stage.

An hour after she was due to arrive on stage, after being introduced by one of her backing singers, she staggered on and made her way to the back to hug one of her guitarists.

Wearing a short green and black dress that accentuated her breast job, she sat down on one of the speakers and adjusted her shoes while her concerned backing singer asked if she was ok and steadied her back to her microphone.

Amy, 27, looked confused and then took off one of her shoes which she threw on the floor before walking unsteadily over to her microphone.  After missing her cue a couple of times, she proceeded to deliver a half-spoken and mumbled version of her song ‘Just Friends,’ her last release back in 2008.

Halfway through, slurring her words which she had difficulty stringing together, she told the crowd at the city’s Kalemegdan Park: ‘Let me bring the band introduction.’ But then she tried to continue singing the song, smiling all the while, seemingly oblivious of how she was coming across to her fans.

After hugging herself and failing to sing most of the song, she then came back in as the band finished, looked surprised and then slurred ‘Just Friends’ into the microphone as an astonished crowd booed.

The situation didn’t improve much throughout the concert, as the Back to Black singer disappeared off stage several times leaving her band playing.

And according to local press reports, the 20,000 fans described their experience as a ‘scandal’ and a ‘disaster’.

Fans were also angry as many had paid over $50 a ticket which is a lot of money in a country where the average salary is about $400-500 a month.

One fan angrily wrote on YouTube – where videos of her disastrous performance have been posted – that he was still mad at her.

The fan wrote: ‘She started a show and turned her back to public (btw, for most of us it was not that easy to give the money for ticket because of the economic situation in Serbia) and that was just the beginning of her disrespect and bizarre behavior. ‘

‘She did not sang one song from beginning to the end, Some of them she didn’t even tried to sing. Not a fan anymore’ Amy is due in Turkey tomorrow to play Istanbul’s Kucuk Ciftlik Park and also has dates in Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Hungary and Romania, finishing up on 15 August at Iolanda Balas Soter Stadium in Bucharest, Romania.

Well people all over the world are being forewarned against wasting their time and money on a loser who refuses to show any respect to the people who made her a star. I don’t blame her for having substance abuse problems but I do blame her for getting on with her career before getting well.



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