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Drugs Found On Bret Michaels' Tour Buses

I know this must come as a shock to all of you, so I will break it to you gently. There were drugs found on Bret Michaels' tour buses. I know, I know, who would ever think that rock stars and the people who travel with rock stars would ever use drugs? What is this world coming to? Late Wednesday night, both of the buses in Bret's caravan were pulled over because of a lack of trailer tag lights. That just sounds to me like some kind of contrived reason to pull over a tour bus and hope for a big flashy arrest.

Oh, and just by coincidence, the police happened to have their drug dogs with them. The dogs sniffed out some pot on Bret's bus, and he let the officers search the other bus, where some Schedule II drugs were found. In Indiana, where this occurred, drugs on that list include coke and meth.

Surprisingly, no one was arrested. Just tickets issued, and prosecutors will decide later what to do about it all.


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