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Drew Carey Confirms: I Don't Have Cancer


Earlier today, we got an anonymous tip that Drew Carey was suffering from pancreatic cancer that had spread to his liver. He was said to be getting treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

Drew was apparently alerted to our well wishing and tweeted the below message to his 534,000+ followers.

We are happy that Drew is just fine and our super secret “sauce” as he says, was wrong.

Hey, Drew, if you’re reading (you know you are), let’s have lunch at Swingers in L.A. sometime, just you and I. On you, of course. Just kidding, we’ll have Allie buy. (Ha!)

We’re elated to report that Drew is not suffering from cancer. We’re even more jazzed that he mentioned us on Twitter.

Take care Drew!!

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According to a secret source, “The Price Is Right” host Drew Carey is suffering from liver and pancreatic cancer.

Just last year, Drew bid $100,000 on the Twitter account @Drew for cancer support. Now, we’ve heard that he’s suffering from the same thing that killed beloved actor Patrick Swayze.

Also in the news for cancer is singing sensation Aretha Franklin, who is said to be suffering from pancreatic cancer.

This incurable disease is claiming the lives of too many people that we’ve grown to love and admire. We’ll keep you posted if we hear any other news surrounding Drew’s cancer.

Sources state that the comedian is being treated at the MAYO CLINIC in Arizona. Stay strong, Drew, we’re pulling for you!

Stay tuned…

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