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Drew Barrymore's Brother John Barrymore III is Homeless

If you are ever in Los Angeles and see a homeless guy in a t-shirt that says, "I'm Drew Barrymore's brother," it actually is him. Well, it is him until the other homeless get wind of this and all rush out and get their own I'm Drew Barrymore's brother shirts in hopes of getting the big bucks from passers by. John Barrymore III, who is Drew's half brother has been homeless on and off for awhile. People have tried to let John sleep at their places, but apparently he is kind of like his dad and all the Barrymore guys going back for generations.

A mean and belligerent drunk. Apparently Drew has done nothing to help her half-brother. That seems kind of harsh. I understand getting tired of supporting your family or always bailing them out, but is it really that hard to just get someone a place to stay. It is not expensive and it feels kind of cheap of you not to help a homeless person who is your relative. Rent him a place for a year and you spend, what like $15,000 since it is LA. For your last movie you made like $15M? Yeah, come on.


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