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Drew Barrymore Sells Baby's Picture Rights to People Magazine

Drew Barrymore gave birth to Olive Barrymore Kopelman on September 26, 2012. Since Olive’s birth, we haven’t seen any photos of the famous daughter – until now.

In this week’s issue of People, the magazine has once again won the bidding war as to who gets the money making shot.

Barrymore was recently on The Ellen DeGeneres show where she revealed why she named her daughter Olive. The name came as a surprise even to Drew who said,

“I never would have guessed that would have been the name but I was reading a book with my husband. I was three months pregnant and they said your baby is the size of an olive, and that was it. We never looked back.”

Ellen brought up a good point, telling Drew it could have been the size of a peanut or a grapefruit. That would have made for an interesting name – Peanut Barrymore Kopelman.

What do you think of the baby’s name?


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