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Dragon Age II: Legacy - Hawke Has Daddy Issues

The Legacy objective is as clear as the name; uncover and reveal your family’s legacy. Through Hawke we finally discover the truth about her father, Malcom. I had the chance to sit with one of the game’s producers while getting some hands on time with the new DLC and my palms were itching to play through the quest.

The developers are quick to admit they took what may seem to some as an inordinate amount of time in putting the new content out, but insist they wanted to get it right, and I believe them. Game producers gathered feedback from gamers about all they loved and hated about not only Dragon Age II but what they wanted in their DLC based on content created for the first iteration of the game.

Once downloaded, the new mission is available as long as you have access to one of your homes, meaning you can begin at almost any point in the game. Like most additional content for games, the beauty of the Legacy mission is that it’s not a requirement but it does further Hawke’s story. What stands out is the very linear nature of the quest; one note. Not to say a mission like this can’t be fun but sometimes I want more than “Wham, bam, thank you ma’am!” from my game. Though the mission is somewhat short it can be challenging depending on how you play it through. On one play-through I thought it would be a good idea to forge ahead with three mages. Not at bad as you might think until you reach the magic-resistant rock giant thingy and only little ol’ me is there with my dual weapons doing the equivalent damage to that of butter knives.

The absolute best part is the weapon you get to keep which levels up with you as you continue through the game. Mine slices and dices enemies with a quickness; this makes me happy. There were a few misfires in the Legacy DLC but I do love me some Dragon Age and you take the bad with the good; and there’s plenty of good. I am not the only über-fan of the game and my colleague, Tiarra “Marron Marvel” Wantz of Nfamous, sums up Legacy with “It gets an overall rating of awesome. Go download it now.”

I concur.

*Dragon Age II: Legacy’ is available to download now from Xbox Live (800 MS Points), PSN ($9.99/£6.10) and PC (800 BioWare Points).


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