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Dr. Phil Does Show on Animal Rights, Invites Paris Hilton?

Imagine that you had your very own talk show which reached millions of people everyday. Because you are a pet lover you decide to do a show on animals. Abuse of animals and also people who help animals.

You think to yourself that having a celebrity come on and bring their pets would be a great idea too. You are big enough that you can have any celebrity you want. Do you pick Sandra Bullock? Nope, can't do that because of well, you know. How about Bob Barker or Betty White? They are huge pet lovers who are well respected. Nope, not them either. Hmm, well how about Katherine Heigl who devotes hundreds of hours and thousands upon thousands of dollars in her crusade? Nope. Not her either.

Well, if you are Dr. Phil he decided that the person he wanted to speak out for animals, was Paris Hilton. Yep. The woman who doesn't even know how many dogs she has. The woman who showed up on Dr. Phil and didn't look like she had ever met the dogs she claimed were hers. The same woman who once had 18 dogs which was a violation. A woman who has been accused by her staff of putting her pets in cupboards when they become too much to handle and have her staff deal with them instead.

Paris Hilton has been repeatedly accused of abusing her pets. She must have thought she died and went to heaven when Dr. Phil came calling and said they wanted to honor her for her work with animals. Seriously? Has anyone at Dr. Phil heard of Google? Google Paris Hilton and animal abuse and see how many hits you get.

Dr. Phil should be ashamed for having Paris on to be the pet's champion.

(Thanks Brittany)



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