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Dr. Drew: Brangelina Comments "Taken Out of Context"

Recently, Dr. Drew gave an interview where he said that Angelina Jolie is a heroin addict and that she and partner Brad Pitt would have a volatile split! Now, he’s taking back those comments, claiming that they were taken out of context.

In the first interview, he said, “Just add up a couple things…there’s no such thing as ‘I was a heroin addict’. That doesn’t exist in nature. Something is going on with her addiction. Or she’s in recovery and I don’t see any evidence that’s the case.” He went on to reveal that when Brad and Angie were put together, it was “a really volatile situation” and that they were “constantly creating things to weld themselves together.”

Today, he’s released a statement on the matter and says that his comments weren’t meant for public consumption. He said, “These comments were taken completely out of context and they were never meant to be printed. I do not know Brad or Angelina and I certainly don’t want to be saying things that could be perceived as hurtful for them, or harmful for them in any way. I’m deeply concerned and apologize for these comments that were taken out of context.”

He went on to say, “Categorically these comments were not supposed to be in the public discourse. I don’t know these people, I don’t know the facts. Literally as though one was speculating, just going through an exercise of speculation and not some sort of analysis that was supposed to be factual or for public discourse…I could not be more upset and disturbed that these things were printed as though I was making some sort of categorical analysis of people I really don’t know.”

He concluded by saying, “I wish them the best, I hope they do well, enjoy the holidays with their kids and have a nice time. I wish them no ill, believe me….I’m sorry these comments were taken out of context and made public.”

Do you think Brad and Angelina are planning on suing him?


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