Dr. Drew Pinsky: Jeff Conaway Did Not OD

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Grease” star Jeff Conaway is still hospitalized in a “tenuous” state, but Dr. Drew Pinsky reveals the actor has pneumonia and did not overdose.

Actor Jeff Conaway, 60, who played the bad-boy Kenickie in Grease was hospitalized last week at Encino Hospital with reports stating he had suffered an overdose.

But Dr. Drew Pinsky, who worked with Conaway on “Celebrity Rehab”, visited the actor and said he is in critical condition but that the OD rumors are false.

Pinsky wrote on Twitter, “Just visited Jeff Conaway. He is stable & looks like he will recover from his pneumonia. Not an OD like press is alleging & certainly not dead.

“(He is) still considered critical with #sepsis. Many people die from septic shock. yes, he is Very tenuous. My hopes & prayers r (are) with him & his family!… Yes, we all need to pray for him.”


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