Donnie Wahlberg Splits With Mistress After She Gets Pregnant

Donnie Wahlberg's nine-year marriage recently ended. The reason, other than his proclivity to sing "Step By Step" every morning, was his affair with Canadian model Michelle Tomlinson. Well, it turns out that perhaps some protection was in order while they were having sex, because Michelle is now pregnant and due in March. This was not pleasant news to Donnie, and according to The Enquirer, he dumped her when she told him the news. Not even a "let me think about it" or "let me process this." Nope, he just dumped her right that second.

See, this kind of behavior just reinforces the fact that Donnie is an ass and will probably continue to be an ass. This was not a one-time thing like Jude Law; this was a relationship, and if you are having sex, there is always the chance of pregnancy. I'm not saying he has to marry her, but to just dump someone because they got pregnant seems harsh.


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