Domino's Pizza Stores Fall for Prank Call, Think the Other Is Ordering (Video)


YouTube user "Tyson Williams" recently pulled a funny prank call on two Domino's Pizza stores in Australia.

He posted a video (below) of the call on YouTube, where it has gone viral.

Williams called one Domino's and gave them a long order, then he placed that store on hold, and called a second store, notes

The prankster then put the two Domino's Pizza restaurants together on a conference call (1:30 mark) and asked them to repeat his order.

The first Domino's repeats the order, while the second Domino's takes the order, and then reads it back to the first Domino's.

The Domino's restaurants then come up with different totals and delivery times, each thinking the other is the customer.

The hilarity continues for several minutes until both Domino's realize they have been pranked.

According to Gawker, shock jock Howard Stern pulled the same stunt, as did a reader in the U.S.

Sources: and Gawker


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