Does Taylor Swift Want Jake Gyllenhaal Back?

Country pop singer Taylor Swift and Donnie Darko actor Jake Gyllenhaal dated only briefly last year, but apparently Swift wants Gyllenhaal back, and is reaching out to the actor.

According to In Touch, Swift begged Gyllenhaal for another chance at their relationship but he “shot her down.” A friend of Gyllenhaal claims “Taylor still reaches out to him and he wants nothing to do with her.”

The source continued that Gyllenhaal wants nothing to do with Taylor because of the singer’s newfound friendship with his ex-girlfriend Reese Witherspoon, saying “Jake’s normally an easygoing guy, but the thought of Taylor telling Reese everything she knows about him just puts a knot in his stomach.”

Apparently, Gyllenhall “really wanted to marry Reese, and he doesn’t want any girl-talk about him.”


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