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Does Kate Middleton Have a Brain Tumor?

The current issue of Globe Magazine features the cover story ‘Pregnant Kate – Brain Tumor Drama.’  Yikes Globe pushes the envelope a lot but this story is way out there.  They are claiming that Kate Middleton who they say is pregnant is having a brain tumor crisis.  They further claim that they have all the details on the tragic story of the secret surgery she underwent.  They ask whether she will live long enough to see her baby grow?

Globe has morePrince William’s pregnant wife Kate is at the center of a tragic brain tumor drama. Word of her undergoing secret surgery exploded when guests noticed a three-inch scar on the left side of her head at a royal function. Only the new GLOBE has the shocking story that the Royal family is desperately trying quash.

As far as I know the Palace has never confirmed that Kate was pregnant but the magazine is sticking by the story that she is.   I am surprised that Globe would make such far fetched accusations about Kate.   What do you think about this story is it just groundless speculation by Globe to sell more magazines?  I don’t buy it!

Also includes in this week’s issue screen legend James Garner has revealed he’s smoked marijuana for 50 years and he was forced to dress as a girl when he was a child.  If you want to find out about all this and more -  pick up the current GLOBE.


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