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Does Kardashian Family Christmas Card Promote the Illuminati?

The Kardashian's annual Christmas card has never been known for good taste, but could it be part of an Illuminati plot this year?

Celebrity photographer David LaChapelle shot the family's Christmas card, which includes the famous clan in various poses and a giant dollar sign.

According to, there may be something far more nefarious afoot than just showing off the family's immense wealth:

The wide panoramic card (below) is filled with symbolism and references describing everything that the Illuminati entertainment industry is about. The shot takes place in an abandoned movie theater, one that appears to destroyed and vandalized.

Behind the Jenner sisters (right) are two Illuminati pyramids, complete with the All-Seeing Eye. The card can’t be clearer about “owns” this entire family. Scattered around the card are dismembered mannequins, a symbol that is often used to represent Mind Control, a practice that is rampant in the Illuminati entertainment industry.

For those not buying the Illuminati angle, is concerned about Kim Kardashian's big hair in the card: "The Kardashian/Jenner clan unveiled their 2013 Christmas card on Dec. 1 and Kim’s hair is bigger than ever! Are you loving her larger than life look?"

Meanwhile, called the card "stunning," but noted there are no men in the picture, except for Bruce Jenner on the far-right side who is inside a glass case.


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