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Does Julianne Moore Have a Sweating Problem?

Julianne Moore has an embarrassing — and stinky — secret: she can’t stop sweating!” declares Star magazine.

Um… OK.

A “friend” tells the tabloid, “It started a few months ago and has been getting worse. She thinks it’s menopause, but it’s gotten so bad that she has to bring towels with her and duck into bathrooms to dry off.”

The Star source adds, “Antiperspirant doesn’t work at all.”

When someone suggested Moore try Botox for her “overactive pits,” the actress allegedly refused.

“Apparently [Botox] can actually stop people from sweating but Julianne was too freaked out by the idea of getting needles in her armpits to try it,” explains the tab’s insider.

The so-called “friend” continues, “But now it’s getting pretty unbearable, and she’s ready to do whatever it takes to fix this.”


So does the actress actually have a new sweating problem so severe she’s carrying towels with her, but only Star has noticed?


A source close to Moore tells Gossip Cop it’s “complete nonsense.”

Once again, it’s Star’s reporting that stinks.


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