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Does George Clooney Like Girlfriend Stacy Keibler's Tweeting?

Stacy Keibler is gonna get her ass dumped if she keeps this up. And then she'll have nothing to turn to but her wealth and tremendous good looks. Hah! Loser! From the Chicago Sun Times:

Though George Clooney is quoted in the new Rolling Stone as not minding new girlfriend Stacy Keibler's frequent tweets indicating how happy she is in her relationship with the ageless Hollywood hunk, I'm hearing Clooney is actually not too keen on those Twitter messages.

George isn't "too keen" on Stacy's tweets, not because he's planning to break up with her, but because he probably doesn't know what the hell a tweet is. At his age, new technological advances like Twitter, Facebook, and cordless telephones are probably scary to him. It's safe to assume that he prefers the way messages were sent back in the good ol' days: by Pony Express.


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