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Does Barbra Streisand Have Problem with "Glee"?

Naughty Barbra Streisand, playing with the poor Glee kids’ emotions.

Speaking at a Pre-Grammy’s MusiCares tribute event in her honour on Friday, Streisand was asked if she would ever consider appearing on the hit TV series.

“Not if I can help it,” she snipped at reporters.

Ouch, honey! Who rattled your cage and pooped in your handbag.

She added: “I have seen some of the episodes. My niece, my young niece saw Funny Girl on DVD and said, ‘How come you’re singing so many songs from Glee?’”

But hold fire, Streisand has now had a change of heart.

“What I meant was that I’ve been overwhelmed preparing for my performance on MusiCares, the Grammys, recording a new album, and starting a new movie,”she writes on her official website.

“So I couldn’t take on any more work, and besides that, I wasn’t asked. I’m so honored that a lead character on ‘Glee’ is so admiring of my work. In my speech at MusiCares, I thanked them ‘for exposing young people to music they might otherwise not hear today: Lea Michele, Matthew Morrison, and Darren Criss…you’re all so gifted.’”

Well Gleeks, what do you think? Is she genuine with her apology?


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