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The Latest Kim Kardashian Media Stunt: The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back

This is a plea for the media to please get some sanity when it comes to extending the well beyond 15 minutes of fame granted to Kim Kardashian. And yes, I get that by even writing this plea I am in a way adding to it. But understand, my purpose here is truly to say there has to be a way for this madness to stop.

I really have no desire to see Kim Kardashian’s butt, clothed or naked, as it was in the latest publicity stunt she and Paper magazine engaged in with their so-called attempt to “break the Internet” last week. If you have somehow managed to avoid seeing the spread, you are lucky and frankly I don’t know how you did it.Paper, and the rest of the online media, including social media, bombarded the Internet with the photo spread, which featured Kardashian not only showing her naked butt, but another photo also featured her in her full glory, complete full frontal nudity. It was an unabashed  publicity attempt to generate as much attention for Paper, and Kardashian as possible. And it worked.

The best thing about the stunt I suppose is that it indicates to me that Kardashian is on the down slope of her fame, which has always been based on nothing more than a sex tape and a talent for staying in front of the media. While our first introduction to Kardashian was her nakedness in that sex tape, this baring of her naked body strikes me as pure desperation and an attempt to stay relevant.

Certainly I understand why Paper chose her and did this. Media is a tough business these days and standing out in the crowd and drawing readers or viewers is hard when there are so many other sources of news and attention out there. And as I said, the stunt clearly worked, because the photos did create a media sensation.

But I also have to believe Paper will learn very quickly that all the attention in the world that they got last week does not mean they will continue to get those many eyeballs. Kim Kardashian unfortunately is a media hound and magnet. But not all attention is good. Surely there are lots of us who, while being sucked in by these stunts, and the click bait, that such photos are, do not come away from them with a positive image of the media source that produces them. It is one thing to get attention. It is a completely different thing to be respected and last over time. Linking your success to Kim Kardashian’s showing herself is a dangerous and low gamble that I bet will not pay off in the long run. I bet most people will remember her photos long after they have forgotten the name of the magazine that ran them.

Look, I give props to Kardashian for making a fortune out of seemingly nothing, because for the life of me, I cannot figure out what the fascination is. Others have done sex tapes, others have had reality shows, and others certainly have more actual talents. But Kardashian has become very rich and very famous despite all that so there is no denying she is smart, at least when it comes to manipulating the media and public.

But that does not mean, we or the media, have to continue being sucked in. The collective brain cells we are all losing keeping up with the Kardashians is really a sad commentary on contemporary American society, our media, and the thirst for fame. It really is hard to say whether this is the chicken or egg first in this situation. The media will say they will stop covering every little thing Kardashian does when the public stops buying, watching or clicking on stories or images that feature her. Some of us though believe it is the other way though. If the media would move on, the public would too. It is not so much our fascination, as theirs.

Either way, haven’t we seen enough of Kim Kardashian’s butt to last a lifetime?


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