‘Django Unchained’ Pulled from Chinese Theaters on Opening Day


In something of a surprising move, China Film Group Corp. decided to yank “Django Unchained” from its movie theaters on Thursday.

The last-minute, opening day decision went mostly unexplained, with authorities citing a mysterious ‘technical problem’ as the reason behind the move.

While it hasn’t been explicitly stated by anyone yet, the general assumption is that ‘Django’ was pulled because of its edgy content. According to multiple reports, officials had already scrubbed Quentin Tarantino’s latest work of much of its trademark violence, however, apparently it wasn’t enough.

This marks the first time in recent memory that a movie has been yanked like this on opening day. Movie theater owners and employees were given almost no advance notice of the decision, and are now busily scrambling to fill the void with other material.

Thus far, ‘Django’ has hauled in more than $160 million in North American box office sales.

Sources: Los Angeles Times, NY Times


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