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‘Django Unchained’ Action Figures Banned by eBay

The commerce website eBay has banned the sale of 'Django Unchained' action figures, based on Quentin Tarantino’s violent western film about a freed slave, on Thursday, reports AFP.

The movie's toys were manufactured by toy maker NECA in partnership with the Weinstein Co. (which produced the film), reports the Associated Press.

After protests from black advocacy groups, NECA has discontinued them. Only about 1,000 of the action figures had been sold before production was shut down, which makes them collectors' items.

An eBay spokeswoman, Kari Ramirez told AFP: “These were removed as they were in violation of our Offensive Materials policy."

The eBay policy states that “racially or ethnically offensive language, historical items, reproductions and works of art and media" are subject to restricted use or banning.  

The policy also says this rule applies to “items marketed inappropriately with an intolerant regard toward religion, sexual orientation, race, or ethnic background.”

'Django Unchained' stars Jamie Foxx as a slave freed by a bounty hunter, with whom he teams up over the winter on a killing spree.

The action figures include reproductions of Jamie Foxx's character 'Django,' Leonardo DiCaprio's slave owner and a house slave played by Samuel L. Jackson.

Najee Ali, director of the advocacy group Project Islamic Hope, told the Associated Press that the action figures are "a slap in the face of our ancestors. We were outraged. We feel that it trivializes the horrors of slavery and what African Americans experienced."


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