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DJ Slams Rapper for Threatening to Rape Female Rapper (Video)

BBC radio host and DJ Nihal Arthanayake interrupted a rap battle at The Jump Off in London on Monday after a rapper made threats of rape.

According to The Independent, MC Lighte The Boombox Genie said to his female opponent MC D'Klastro, "B----, after this, in the alley, you gonna get raped" (video below).

Nihal, a judge at the rap battle, got onstage, grabbed a mic and said, "What the f---, you fat idiot. Didn't you have a mum? Didn't you have a sister?"

"Why you so dumb? You misogynistic p---. Talking, you think you're sick," rapped Nihal. "You fat f----- idiot. Rapping on this trip. This is the Jump Off, this is the big stage, this is Nihal, feel this f----- rage. You fat f----. What happens when you shave? You cut yourself and out comes gravy and lard? You're not brave."

"That was unique and, as I haven't rhymed properly for over 15 years, I proved I was a little rusty, to say the least," Nihal told Mother Jones,

"I said what I had to say," added Nihal. "I'm not a white knight (guess I'd be a brown one anyway), nor a hero, nor a feminist. Just a husband and a father who has spoken to many victims of domestic violence in my job as a phone-in host for the BBC ... I just thought about the women in my life and that the male MC had betrayed rap music by resorting to something so base and disgusting. I'm not a prude, I grew up on rap music. But raping a woman as a battle lyric, that's just nonsense."

Souces: The Independent and Mother Jones


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