Divorce Could Cost Arnold Schwarzenegger $200 Million

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Now that Arnold Schwarzenegger has come clean and has admitted to fathering a baby with the help, we’ve heard that his wife, Maria Shriver, could really take him to the cleaners!

The NY Post reveals that Arnold and Maria are worth a staggering $200 to $400 million! Wow! You would think he would’ve planned better! I guess he just couldn’t seem to keep it in his pants! This is evidenced more by the fact that Jane Seymour has come forward to say that he has even more children out of wedlock!

If she goes through with the divorce, it could prove to be one of the costliest celebrity splits in history, even rivaling that of Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren!

The NY Post has the scoop:

The former first family of California is believed to have a prenuptial agreement. But after 25 years of marriage, and because of Schwarzenegger’s spectacular philandering, that document could be tossed.

If the prenup does not stand up, the couple would likely split their net worth evenly, under California law.

I hope she takes him for everything she can get! What a troll… On the other hand, there is a part of me that says that Maria knew something was up. You can’t deny that the maid’s son is his, they look way too much alike. It just baffles me how they kept it under wraps for so long.

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