Ex-Hooker Divine Brown: "Hugh Grant Was My Richard Gere"


Former prostitute Divine Brown has revealed some juicy details about her infamous encounter with Hugh Grant.

Brown and the bumbling Four Weddings and a Funeral star were busted by police for committing a “public misdemeanour” (well there’s an euphemism that sucks!) in his car on Sunset Boulevard in 1995.

In her first in-depth interview since she left Los Angeles five years ago, Brown tells the Daily Mail that she now thanks Grant for changing her life.

She told the Daily Mail: “That was the trick that changed my life. The event that earned me a million dollars… the fuss afterwards scared me right there and took me off the game… I have the most wonderful life now. I’ve got a nice new home… there’s no pool but there is a picket fence. I thank the Lord everyday.

“I was always attracted to the glamorous life and that half an hour with Hugh Grant made me able to buy all the things I’d dreamt of having. That film "Pretty Woman" seemed to be what my life was about. Hugh Grant was my Richard Gere.”

Recalling the now notorious bust, she says she first thought Grant was a cop.

“I was running from him. I thought he was a cop,” she said. “He kept circling the block and pulling up in front of me. There were lots of beautiful girls out there that night, but he just wanted me.

“Eventually, I built up enough courage to confront him. I said: ‘I’m going to call the cops if you keep stalking me.’ He said: ‘I want you.

“You’re so beautiful. What’s a beautiful girl like you doing on the street? He sounded a bit like Prince Charles, but tried to cover up his accent.”

Brown eventually got into his car and the pair were together for about 20 minutes before they were interrupted by a tap on the window.

“He kept pushing his foot on the brake,” she said. “He kept saying: ‘Oh Cherry Red, Cherry Red …”

She said: “The other night I was thinking: ‘I wonder if he thinks about that night.’ I know he loved it. He kept calling me Cherry Red because my lips were red, my shoes and clothes were red.

“Even my underwear was red. He kept complimenting me on my lips and my feet. I guess he has a foot fetish, too.”


She added: “Then we got that knock on the window. The guy put his flashlight down on my head.

“I looked up, Hugh looked up and said: ‘Oh s***’. we both thought it was somebody just knocking on the window. Then a police officer said: ‘Please step out of the car.’”

And the rest is history.

Oh Cherry Red, Cherry Red …


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