Director Ridley Scott Responds to Outcry Over His Mostly White Cast in "Exodus: Gods and Kings"


After Ridley Scott’s newest film, "Exodus: Gods and Kings,” was unveiled to the public, many people were upset that Egyptian characters were played by white actors. Scott has finally spoken out about the controversy and said those angered by his casting choices need to “get a life.”

The biblical film, which cost about $140 million to produce, features big name actors like Christian Bale, who plays Moses. Bale defended the cast, saying that it was good business sense to hire him and other white actors.

“[Ridley Scott has] been incredibly honest in getting a large, big-budget film like this made," he said, alluding to the fact that investors are more comfortable when famous actors, like him, are attached to movies.

"I don't think fingers should be pointed, but we should all look at ourselves and say, 'Are we supporting wonderful actors in films by North African and Middle Eastern filmmakers and actors?' because there are some fantastic actors out there," Bale said. "If people start supporting those films more and more, then financiers in the market will follow.”

Bale continued to put the impetus on movie-goers, saying, “The audience has to show financiers that they will be there, and [then] they could make a large budget film.”

He added that he believed another film could be made featuring a North African or Middle Eastern actor in his role: "To me, that would be a day of celebration. For the actors, it would be wonderful. It would be a wonderful day for humanity, but also for films and for storytelling in general."

Source: New York Daily News / Image via Kerry Brown/Twentieth Century Fox Films


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