Did Tyra Banks Kidnap a 15-Year-Old Girl?

If this is true, and I emphasize the word if, Tyra Banks could be in for a lot of trouble. A woman in Georgia has sued Banks after the woman's 15-year-old daughter was on Tyra's show without the permission of the mother.

It does not sound so horrible until you also realize that the girl was flown to New York, put up in a hotel room for the night, and was on a show about sex addicts. The mom called police and filled out a missing persons report when her daughter did not show up after school, and also says that her daughter is not a sex addict, and that Tyra paid the daughter despite not getting permission from the labor commissioner to do so.

This happened in 2009, and the woman is suing for $3M. WTF Tyra? She needs to explain this or defend herself, because you can't just go around parents just to fill up a few minutes of your television show.


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