Did Tom Cruise Ban His Son Connor Cruise From Doing Interviews?

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In Scientology circles, it's not polite to speak unless spoken to. Or, if you're Tom Cruise's rental son Connor, you just don't speak at all.

From the Daily Telegraph:

His parents are two of the world's biggest movie stars yet Connor Cruise wants to make his own mark in music. The 17-year-old adopted son of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise is earning up to $10,000 a gig deejaying and is hoping to set up his own record label. Insider caught up with the teenager in Hollywood, but, oddly, the talented young Cruise couldn't speak for himself on the record.

Instead he watched on as his rep, Dave Osokow, did the talking for him. Osokow said: "His parents don't allow him to do interviews."


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