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Did Taylor Swift Get Breast Implants?

According to the new In Touch Weekly, Taylor Swift may have gotten breast implants. Their proof? Well it sorta looks like her boobs are bigger. And you can take that to the bank!:

It seems like Taylor Swift, 23, rounded out a record breaking 2012 with, well, some rounder assets. When the star stepped out at the People's Choice Awards on Jan. 9, all eyes were on her cleavage-bearing neckline. (Was she trying to show ex-boyfriend Harry Styles what he's missing?)

Either way, she got the attention of NYC-based plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Fiorillo (who, like the other doctor in this story, has not treated these stars). He says it looks like Taylor went from an A-cup to a full B. The telltale sign? "You can see the implants," he says.


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