Did Scarlett Johansson Cut Her Mother Off Financially?

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Scarlett Johansson is supposedly no longer financially supporting her mother Melanie Sloan.

According to theNew York Daily News, Johansson no longer wants to be her mother’s main source of income. In fact, the actress has refused to help her mother out of a recent real estate transaction gone bad.

Previously, Sloan had been Johansson’s manager. That arrangement came to an end two years ago, when Johansson contracted A-league Hollywood manager Rick Yorn.

In the past, Johansson has been vigilant about keeping problems between her mother and herself private, but it is rumored that Johansson doesn’t like her mother’s longtime boyfriend Gilles Arondeau. Johansson considers him dead weight in their family as he does not assist in paying her mother’s expenses.

A friend of Johansson explained, “It just boils down to Scarlett being tired of being the cash cow for her mother…She’s done more than her fair share for a long, long time. Enough is enough.”


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