Did Ryan Reynolds Reject Sandra Bullock?


Sandra Bullockand Ryan Reynolds have been rumored to be more than friends, or at least friends with benefits though both actors have denied their relationship is anything more than platonic.

Now the Enquirer claims “Ryan and Sandy have been spending a lot of time together-even vacationing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in mid-August. She was hoping the relationship could move to the nextlevel. Ryan told Sandy she’s the best friend a guy could have, but that he could never see her as anything more than that.”

The source continued, “And when he told Sandy that he’s still got a place in his heart for Scarlett, she was devastated and in tears. Ryan is the only father figure Louis has ever known. He even calls Ryan ‘da-da’ when they’re together. Every time Sandy hears that, her heart melts. But Ryan doesn’t want the sort of commitment Sandy wants. He just wants to be friends.”


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