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Did Rapper Danny Brown Allow Fan to Perform Oral Sex During Concert?

Rapper Danny Brown is rumored to have allowed a female fan to perform oral sex on him during a concert in Minneapolis, Minnesota on April 26, reports

A user, who claimed to be at the concert, described in graphic detail what allegedly happened between Brown and the unidentified fan: "Then all of a sudden [Brown] gets up close pulls his shirt up a little and she start [sic] blowing him."

Brown allegedly confirmed the oral sex allegation on Twitter, but the response has since been deleted, reported Minneapolis' City Pages:

 Kendrick Lamar wasn't going to just believe anyone about this sporadic mid-set spectacle, and tweet-asked "u really just got the head on stage stanny???" A since-deleted tweet from Brown responds "<<<~ and didn't miss one bar bruh bruh."

Later Brown tweeted about the oral sex incident: "lol that's a rumor..."

“What is Danny supposed to do? Scream at a girl onstage while he’s performing?” Brown's concert opener 'Kitty' wrote on her Tumblr page.

"I know him pretty well, so I know he doesn’t wanna f*ck up his image by running away from sexual advances from girls…I also know him well enough to feel like he’s probably pretty embarrassed about it. Nobody wants to be publicly exposed and that girl is wrong for doing what she did.”

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