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Did Neil Patrick Harris Use The 'N' Word Towards Mike Tyson In Tony Awards Opening?

Neil Patrick Harris opened the Tony Awards with an energetic set, but one line in his routine has stirred up some controversy. While singing with Mike Tyson, it seems as though Harris drops the N word, according to TMZ and the Daily Mail.

“In tandem like we planned ‘em/ forgive me if it’s random but Mike Tyson had a one man show let’s give the man a hand/ And make things bigger, like bigger/ I’m here with Iron Mike Tyson, he’s a heavyweight yo/ We’re going bigger, is ‘Is I his n****r?'" Harris reportedly sang.

“We’ve played it back dozens of times, and can’t come up with another explanation [than Harris using the N-word]," TMZ wrote.

However, it looks like Harris didn't use the racial slur at all and simply said, "we're going bigger."

After the unwarranted controversy, Harris took to Twitter with a strong reaction.

“Really, Daily Mail?!? The N-word? That’s your story?!? I would NEVER be so disrespectful and frankly, neither should you.”


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