Did Lil Wayne Beat Up a Fan?

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Lil Wayne can’t seem to get a break from the drama and the lawsuits!

The rapper might be facing yet another lawsuit as he and his entourage are under investigation by police for allegedly beating up a bystander. Alfredo Marino told TMZ, on May 3 he spotted Weezy and his crew skateboarding and asked him if he could get a picture, where he responded “No.”

As Marino went back to his car he tried to get a quick photo. That’s when Wayne approached him and threatened him, saying:

“Don’t you know all it takes is a word and these motherf—ers are going to f— you up?”

After the verbal exchange someone bashed Marino with a skateboard, which knocked him down and left him bleeding from the head. Marino now claims he is suffering from a concussion and vertigo. Marino has obtained a lawyer and he tells TMZ that he will be pursuing legal action against the rapper and the other individuals responsible for this incident.

Written by Michelle Wincott


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