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Did Kristen Stewart Kick Robert Pattinson Out?

Kristen Stewart reportedly told boyfriendRobert Pattinson to pack his bags and leave their home.

Look Magazine reports that their relationship has been on the rocks since Pattinson’s night out with a group that included actress Sarah Roemer.

An insider claims ”Kristen’s had enough. She called Rob from London where she’s been filming and told him they shouldn’t be living together when they’re in a bad place in their relationship.”

The source continued, “I think Rob was devastated, but he must agree as he’s moved into a hotel. Days later, when Kristen was back, she moved her stuff out too-the memories of the happy times were too much for her. Rob says it was an innocent flirtation that got blown out of proportion, but Kristen’s not convinced. They still love each other and Rob’s desperate not to lose her.”

I don’t know what to believe anymore – first there are reports the couple are very happy together, then Pattinson is said to be cheating with one of his co-stars from Twilight.   Since the source is an “insider” and doesn’t have a name – I am going to go with don’t believe it.  What do you think?


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