Did Kristen Stewart Have a Meltdown?


Kristen Stewart of cheating on Robert Pattinson Twilight fame, is said to be having a major mentalbreakdown.

Following the dissolution of her relationship with Robert Pattinson (caused, of course, by Kristen hooking up with Rupert Sanders, director of Snow White and the Huntsman), Kristen has been hiding out at her parents’ house. Unfortunately, her heart doesn’t seem to be mending very quickly, and she isn’t handling the (alleged) break-up very well at all.

Source say, “She isn’t sleeping and she stays up all night crying. She’s close to a total meltdown. [She] can’t do anything. [She's] so distraught.”

If Kristen’s rumored reaction to the situation is any indication as to the state of her and Rob’s relationship, I’m willing to bet that things aren’t looking too bright for a reconciliation  between the pair.


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