Did Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Get Married?


There are rumors abound that Justin Timberlake and his fiance Jessica Biel secretly tied the knot this weekend in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The pair, who got engaged earlier this year in Jackson Hole, have set the rumor mill abuzz. Apparently, a friend of Justin owns a ranch in Jackson Hole, and there has recently been a bit of construction on the site, setting up what looks like a stage, according to people familiar with the property.

If construction work isn’t enough evidence for you (and for me, it isn’t), you’re in luck – because there’s more. Sources in Jackson Hole also report that the wedding party has been staying at the Four Seasons Hotel.

And finally – and perhaps the only thing that really gives this rumor any legs – celebrity cake designer Sylvia Weinstock took to her twitter with this message: “America is a beautiful country Jackson hole a marvel.”

So what do you think? Did Justin and Jessica become man and wife this weekend, or are we reading way too far into this?


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