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Did Justin Bieber Harass Radio Host Colette Harrington?

You’ve always secretly suspected Justin Bieber was an arsehole, you’ve just never had any concrete proof. In interviews he always comes across as someone whose media training consisted of management removing his brain, punching all the bits that showed any sign of activity and then putting it back into his skull the wrong way round. But now he’s been accused of harassing a female radio host at a gym, it looks like his inner dickwad is rebelling against the suppression.

Bieber’s “people” have denied the claims made by North Carolina radio host Colette Harrington, that Justin and his gang ofterrible hangers-on took the piss out of her after she asked for his autograph at a Ritz-Carlton gym, then gobbed into her drink and proceeded to swear at her as she tried to exercise.

Here’s how she described it:

“I always count out loud my reps. Then Justin starts imitating me and whenever I'd get to 20 he and his buddy would say, ‘Shut the fuck up’.”

Obviously we know some people will say any old rubbish about a celeb for a sniff of fame or money, but there’s something about that which doesn’t sound like a thing anyone would make up, isn’t there? It’s too specific and characteristic of classic bullying behaviour (this is why we should never be allowed to be on a jury).

But it’s the statement from Scooter Braun World Domination Enterprises™ that makes us go, “Oh yeah he definitely did it”.

While they deny Bieber was being a shit towards the woman, they do admit he was making snide comments in the gym. Just not to her!

Wow, are we all still at school?

“No, Miss! I was saying, ‘Shut the fuck up’ to that, um, rowing machine. And, um, I only pretended to spit my drink in her water. And it was for a joke. And I wasn’t even there, and you can ask Paul Harrison because I was with him and he wouldn’t lie because his uncle is a policeman.”


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