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Did John Mayer Dump Katy Perry?

Surprise!! John Mayer and Katy Perryare over!! Rumor has it that Mayer, known to be a love em’ and leave em’ kind of guy, did the dumping. Poor Katy. Although the girl had to know what she was getting herself into.

The infamous ladies man proved he hasn’t changed his ways when he unceremoniously dumped Perry despite wooing her with promises of him being a reformed man, and the pair have not remained friends.

“John did a real number on Katy,” a source tells “She held off from his advances for the longest time, but he laid on the charm thick and promised her he was a changed man. She eventually gave in, fell head over heels for him and then – yep – once he had made his conquest, he dumped her.”

Perry was recently divorced from Russell Brand, and dated Florence + the Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd earlier this year.

What do you think of the split?


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