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Aerosmith's Steven Tyler Falls Offstage: Did Joe Perry Push Him?

Aerosmith band members Joe Perry and Steven Tyler had a nasty little exchange on stage in Canada on Tuesday night…but was it just an accident?

The band Aerosmith has had a tense relationship in recent years, which became very obvious on stage last night.

In the video footage (see below), Joe Perry is shown on camera bumping singer Steven Tyler off the stage during their show.

The incident went down during their concert in Toronto, Canada. Steven Tyler approached guitarist Joe Perry and lightly bumped him. Then Joe Perry walked up behind Tyler and knocked the singer with his hip, sending him flying into the crowd.

Security guards rushed to aid Tyler, and Perry gave him a hand as Steven said, “That won’t be happening again.”

It seems the trouble between Tyler and Perry began when the singer announced he was quitting Aerosmith last year. The other members of the band began auditioning new singers until they were stopped by Tyler’s lawyers. He then rejoined the band.

Joe Perry recently said he was angry that Steven Tyler didn’t share his plans on joining American Idol as a judge with the band before going public with the news.

Here’s video of Perry bumping Tyler off the stage. Do you think it was an accident?

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