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Did James Franco Try to Hook Up with Teen Girl on Instagram?

Actor James Franco, 35, reportedly tried to hook up with a teen fan on Instagram.

According to The Daily Dot, a Scottish girl named Lucy Clode was in New York City this week and met Franco at his Broadway play "Of Mice and Men."

After Clode made an Instagram video with him, Franco told her, "You gotta tag me."

She did and the two allegedly started sending messages, which Clode posted on Instagram and later took down, but not before screenshots were taken and posted on websites such as and Gawker.

On Instagram, Franco reportedly asked Clode how long she is in town, where she is staying and if she has a boyfriend.

The 17-year-old girl tells him she is in town thanks to an early birthday present by her mother, who brought her. reports that their communication switched to text messaging.

Franco allegedly asked if he should rent a room, but Lucy turned him down, “I’ll come back when I’m 18."

Lucy later texts that her friends won't believe what happened, Franco asks her not to tell, but she does anyway.

In response to reports of the alleged attempted pick up, Franco tweeted, “I'M NOT! I HOPE PARENTS KEEP THEIR TEENS AWAY FROM ME. Thank you.”

Sources: The Daily Dot,, Gawker, Twitter


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