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Did Elle Macpherson Get Breast Implants?

This story isn't the least bit newsworthy, but I'm running with it anyways. Did Elle Macpherson -- who is still way hot at 47 btw -- get implants? Sure, why not. Via the Daily Mail:

She has earned herself the nickname "The Body" through her years of modelling. But rumors are circulating that Elle Macpherson's body may have had a little enhancement, judging by pictures of the supermodel recently. Abel Mounir, of the Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group, who has not treated the supermodel, thinks it could be that mother-of-two Elle could have gone under the surgeon's knife in her quest for the ultimate figure.

He told Closer magazine: "Her breasts look noticeably fuller and rounder - she seems to have gone from a small A-cup to a full C. Her bust is also very pert for a woman of 48, sitting high on the torso. This could be down to a very subtle and successful breast enlargement and having modest implants along with a lift to achieve a full, pert bust."

Ah, the ol' breast implant. The slide into irrelevance has begun. Elle Macpherson is a bit behind the times, I'm afraid. Getting implants to keep up appearances is old hat. If we've learned anything from the professional attention whores of today, it's that there are better things you can do to get your Q Score up besides fake funbags: DUIs, adopting savages, fake marriages, etc,. Elle, you need to think outside the box and do something that no celebrity has ever done, EVER. How about you keep your dignity and age gracefully? You know, like Madonna.


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