Did "DWTS" Star Derek Hough Dump Cheryl Cole?


Did Derek Hough Dump Cheryl Cole Two Weeks Before X-Factor Did? That’s the rumour. Poor girl if it’s true.

Although the ‘alleged’ romance between Dancing With The Stars’Derek Hough and Cheryl Cole has never been confirmed, there have been numerous sightings of the two in both the U.S. and England.

Derek Hough & Cheryl Cole Shop The Grove

The latest is that two weeks before X-Factor dumped Cheryl Cole’s ass because of her difficult-to-understand accent, Derek Hough dumped her because he couldn’t handle her hermit-like ways and apparently told a friend:

“I love that girl with all my heart, but I just can’t do it any more. I have done everything I can to pick Cheryl up. But every time I am with her she refuses to leave her room for days and days.

“It’s not healthy behaviour and doesn’t make for a healthy relationship. It’s tough but I have to leave Cheryl and get on with my life.”

While I realize that I have a celebrity gossip site, I really don’t believe half the crap I read. This is one of those times. Perhaps the distance thing and their careers made it impossible to have a relationship (assuming they actually were in one together) but this seems a bit far-fetched. Maybe it’s true, who knows?

What do you think? B.S. or true?


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