Did Demi Moore Try to Hook Up with Leonardo DiCaprio?


In Demi Moore's delusional mind, she's still hot. So I guess I can't fault her too much for trying to hook up with Leo DiCaprio, who of course shot her down like a North Vietnamese MiG over the Gulf on Tonkin. USA! USA! USA!

From the National Enquirer:

"Demi is so lonely and hungry for love," a source revealed. "After all these years, she's romanticized what really amounted to just a fling [with Leo in 1997]. She's infatuated with the idea of her and Leo becoming Hollywood's hottest power couple. She's lonely and facing her 50th birthday this month, so she's looking to rejuvenate her love life and career."

According to the source, Demi has been spending more time in New York recently, where 37-year-old heartthrob Leo is filming "The Wolf of Wall Street." "Unfortunately for Demi, Leo is giving her the big-time blow off," continued the source. "He won't even get together with her for coffee!"

"Demi's dream is to find a young, successful guy who can help elevate her back to her past glory," added the source. "But she's barking up the wrong tree with Leo. He idolized her when he was in his 20s and fresh off the blockbuster success of Titanic, but now Leo thinks Demi is too old. He doesn't want to get tangled up in her messy life." (Print Edition - 11/12)


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