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Crystal Bowersox’s Boyfriend Broke Up with Her Before Final Show?

Anyone else wondering where Big Tony was on last night’s American Idol? He has been a fixture in the audience and Crystal Bowersox’s rock.

Crystal Bowersox, American Idol runner-up, has revealed that she and her boyfriend Big Tony have broken up.

Bowersox claims it was a mutual breakup, but it sounds more like Big Tony decided he could not handle her newfound fame. Nor did he want to learn to live with it. Based on Bowersox’s conversation with Ryan Seacrest, I think Bowersox is trying to protect Big Tony so the whole world doesn’t turn against him.

What kind of person breaks up with their girlfriend on what was the biggest night of her life?

Will this leave the door open for American Idol winner, Lee DeWyze? Bowersox did say she had a huge musical crush on DeWyze. What do you think – would Crystal and Lee make a good couple?


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